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We use only the best in hair extension partners with quality 100% remy hair below you will find some of our partners




 Complimentary hair color and texture consultation required for all hair extension services 


Hair extensions are a technique of adding hair that is not your own onto your own hair. to result in longer or thicker hair. This is achieved by different methods (Weaving, Braiding, Bonding, Strand by Strand, Latch hook etc. Ours are typically applied strand by strand in small sections. Using heated adhesive sticks made for hair extensions, or a no adhesive linked method. Extension hair is added directly to your own hair, and can be bought at the desired length, color, and texture, for a natural look. It can be washed, cut and styled to a person's individual taste. If you wish to change your appearance but not permanently, hair extensions can be used to make your hair longer, fuller, a different color, funkier, glamorous, or fix bad hair cuts.  Hair Extensions  will not damage your hair if properly cared for and maintained. They will gradually fall out over a period of time, either because the bonds degrade through wear and tear, or due to their natural life cycle. It is possible to maintain the look with regular maintenance to replace those which have come out or are coming loose.   

If you decide to proceed with a hair extension service we require a minimum $200 Retainer Fee at the time of consultation or 1/2 of the full cost of application


Hair Extensions -  Starting at

I Tip Hair (beaded / micro link)  $900+ for the first application depending on length and thickness. Hair can last 2 years+ with regular maintenance /maintenence- needed every 4-6 weeks

Tape in hair extensions $800 can last about 16 weeks with regular maintenence  / $100 per hour for maintenence- needed every 4-6 weeks

Strand by strand micro Link or keratin fusion hair extensions  $12ea. for less than a full head.   lasts 3-6 mo

Attached Weft (braided sew in) Hair Extensions $250   lasts 1-2 weeks

Halo Extensions $600+

Clip in Extensions $350 for a full set 18"

Cllp In Application $40 with a down style...$85 with a formal style 

Hair Extension Removal $75 per hour

Prices will vary by desired length and technique

  • two wefts or 100-150 piece are the average needed for one head of  long hair extensions
  • All Hair Extensions include a  haircut and style
  • Removal includes shampoo, deep condition and clarifying treatment if needed


General care for hair extensions

  • Two weeks after your Hair extensions are applied, return to the salon for a check up appointment, and agian every 30 days after.

Shampooing, Conditioning & Drying

  • Do not Shampoo for 48 hours after completing any hair extension service. The bonds need this time to fully set. If any water gets trapped in them during this process it could cause the bonds to breakdown or slip out. When you’re ready to shampoo first brush your hair thoroughly to make sure there are no tangles, Wash and condition your hair as little as possible a dry shampoo is great to maintain clean hair. Avoid washing hair upside down in the sink. The extensions do not receive your natural scalp oils and so need to have moisture added after every wash a leave in conditioner or oil is good to have. It’s important to massage at the scalp and not to scrub.

 To avoid tangleing or matting.

  • Tilt your head back and cleanse from the top of the head downward.
  • Condition and detangle only from mid-strand to end, avoiding the scalp areas  you want to spritz on a protein spray to close the hair cuticle; this will make the hair more manageable and add shine.
  • Use recommended professional products.                                  
  • Do not use stripping or deep cleansing products , such as dandruff shampoo  or clarifying shampoo
  • Do not blow dry with your head upside down, or with a scrubbing motion, but instead wrap hair with a towel to remove moisture. Always dry the base area thoroughly to avoid bond breakdown. Prior  to Bedtime-it is recommended that you braid your hair or pull it back into a soft ponytail holder or scrunchy before bed. This prevents tangling while sleeping.

Brushing & Combing -Brush with a natural bristle brush 2-3 times daily, starting at the nape and working upward.

  • Use a wide tooth comb to remove tangles from hair ends.
  • Do not use a comb in the area between the scalp and the bonds.

Curling Irons/Hot Rollers and Flat irons- may be used, but they must be kept an adequate distance from the bonds. Braided or linked extensions can be ironed to the scalp

Prices may vary based on length, texture of hair and product used. Your stylist will confirm pricing upon consultation

We are located in Collinsville IL, if you are looking for hair extension services in the St. Louis or Metro east area we are the salon for you! We are only a 10-20 minute drive from downtown St. Louis, Granite city,  Belleville, Edwardsville, Troy, Maryville, or Ofallon Il