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Nail Salon Services

We offer classic manicures, pedicures and shellac gel polish. We love Shellac nails so much at The Mane Attraction we encourage all of our manicure clients to try it at least once! If you love having your nails in tip top shape, but dislike worrying about chipping and smudging, Shellac is right for you. Shellac Gel Manicures gives you beautiful, long lasting nails with our nicks, smudges or chips. It dries immediately so you can walk out the door with confidence that you won’t mess up your nails on the way home from the salon

Starting At:

Basic Manicure...$21
The perfect treat for dry, cracked hands and nails! Includes file, buff, soak, cuticle repair, hand massage and choice of colored polish. 

Spa Manicure...$31
Basic Manicure with the addition of a luxurious salt scrub exfoliation treatment, followed by a relaxing, skin quenching hand and forearm massage. 

French Style Polish... add $10
Nail tips are finished in white, with a clear top coat. A great look for brides and a classic natural appearance. 

Shellac Gel Manicure...$31                                                                                                                           Shellac nail polish is a hybrid of nail polish and nail gel. Once the gel polish is cured under a UV light, it becomes extremely durable, lasting two weeks or longer. In fact, usually the gel polish is taken off due to new growth at the cuticle, not chipping!

Basic Pedicure...$37                                                                                                                                        After soaking in a warm whirlpool foaming aromatherepy bath, your dry heels and calluses will be smoothed away followed by a therapeutic massage of your calves and feet, cuticle and nail trim topped off with a perfect polish finish.  .

Spa Pedicure...$47
Basic Pedicure with the addition of a sea salt calf and foot scrub, and a cooling marine masque to energize feet!

Polish Change...$7