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Look your Best on Your Wedding Day

Weddings can be one of the most precious moments in our lives. At The Mane Attraction we go above and beyond to make all of our bridal guests know that we will do whatever it takes to make them look and feel like the beauties they are!
Be radiant on your wedding day, let us take care of your appearance Makeup, Hair, Nails and Skin.

*We’ll start with your skin, A facial before the big day not only helps the ensure your skin is radiant, it will also help you relax and de-stress a little. You deserve a break and your pores will thank you. When needed, a series of facials will help get your complexion in top shape.

*Makeup, with all the hustle and bustle, including hours of picture taking, you need makeup that can handle it! We offer airbrush make-up, a great choice for a flawless complexion that lasts all day. Airbrush is great for hi def cameras, and covering tattoos, also it won’t transfer to clothing and is water resistant.

*Hairstyle issues is one of the most common reasons bridesmaids are late, our wedding system has all the solutions! You can rely on us to have your wedding party looking smashing and be on time! Also a trial for the bride will insure that she gets the style she wants on her big day.

*Don’t forget the mani and pedi, polished nails are the #1 accessory and will complete your look.

*Call Diane to de-stress with a pre-wedding massage!


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