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Spring through Easter without the chips!

Are you looking for a way to keep your nails in great condition, and looking beautiful without the hassle of unwanted chipping of your nail polish? If so, we have just the product for you!
At The Mane Attraction, we are currently doing the Axxium Soak Off Gel Lacquer for nails. This is made by OPI and is 2 weeks of flawless wear & color! No more chipping or smudging. This gel is applied to your nails and is cured with a UV light. It lasts for 2 weeks, and is soaked off, helping to keep your nails looking and feeling great!  OPI Axxium Soak Off Gel Lacquer won the Breakthrough Award from Allure, The Beauty Experts!

We have a great selection of colors for you to choose from, that way you can have beautiful nails without the damaging affect, that with other nail services you might encounter.   Contact us to get your hands beautifully manicured and ready for Easter soon!  Our books are filling up fast!  We also do pedicures, and have a new massage therapist on staff, to complete all of your beauty and body needs!

Let The Mane Attraction take care of you from head to toe.


Spring/Summer Trends 2011

The seasons come, and the seasons go.  Each year, each season has new trends that we all seem to start following.  This year is no different.  As I have been doing some research on current fashion trends,  it amazes me how much of the old integrates with the new.

With clothing in mind, you see some of the 50’s & 60’s, as well as some of the 70’s bohemian and sophisticated glamour come back into full swing.

It is no different with hair styles.  This season the trends point to volume, fullness, messy, braids, knots, low ponytails, and bobs.  Yes, also bangs are in full session!  Straight across or fringed.

With long hair, this season pioneers the effortless appeal.  Double hair knots, braided top-knots, messy waves, natural waves, sexy bed hair, and loosely weaving hair pulled into a low ponytail are the trend.  Also, low knotted buns, small braids along the hairline, laid-back side braids, woven locks, braids worn low & loose are as sexy as they sound. They look sexy as well!

On the other hand, you will also notice a great deal of bouffants, full volume buns, super sleek & shiny, and even extreme side parting, which could be done on just about any length of hair. You will be seeing stretchy headbands or rolled scarfs worn on the head over messy updo’s.

For short hair, this season brings the messy waves, along with waved bobs, bobs with fringe that are softer and infused with 60’s backcombing and 70’s soft round shape.

Fringe and Bangs are all the rage!!!  These can be added to and practically worn on any cut and color.

The Pixie hair cut is back!  Short and simple, but very elegant as well.

Color this year is Dramatic and Head Turning!!!  Trends this year call for change.  Change is good.  So with your new do, go for something different with your color choice.  Something eye catching.  Surprise your stylist.  Instead of saying, “The usual,” why not say, “I’ve been thinking of something different.  What do you think?”  Or, bring in a picture of a cut and/or color that catches your eye.  You can even infuse some dimension with highlights or low lights to the current hair color you already have!

White blonde and platinum is big this year.  As well as your sexy red heads!!!  Red gives off that confident, attitude and sexy appeal, and is available in many different shades to accommodate each client in their own unique way.

Come see us and let us transform you into a new, better you for this spring & summer season!